Why Proper Mold Remediation Matters

Why Mold Removal Matters

It happens.  Most people want to ignore it, some want to just run away from it, but it happens.  Mold growth is no joke but it does happen in homes.  It doesn’t mean you’re a bad homeowner, or that you didn’t take care of your house, or that you are unclean in lifestyle, it just happens.  These seem to be the stigma that some people get when they have mold, until others get mold themselves.  Remove the stigma, mold happens.  There are several different ways a home can get mold all ranging from a crack in walls and water seeping into the house or just the house getting older.  Getting mold in your home is not the problem, properly removing mold from your home can be the problem.  In order to ensure that you have proper mold remediation you want to make sure that you hire a professional service in the area that specializes in mold remediation.  Don’t fall for scams and don’t be cheap on the removal, it needs to be done right.  Here are some reasons why mold removal matters what you should look for in a mold remediation business.

Health Risks

According to the CDC the most common types of mold that occur indoors are Cladoporium, Penecillium, Alternaria, Aspergillus. If you know you have one of these molds growing in your basement, or your attic, then call a professional mold remediation service immediately.

Mold growth happens because of warm and humid conditions.  That is why in Illinois we seem to have more mold problems than home that are located in Arizona. During the summer months Chicago, and the surrounding areas are definitely warm and humid, which will encourage tons of mold growth usually in the attic, or basement of a home.

What can exposure and living with mold lead to?  There is significant evidence that mold exposure is linked to infections in the respiratory tracts, coughing, and wheezing among those are that susceptible to mold growth.  It also causes a higher instance of asthma in kids.  Mold, can be taken care of right away before it spreads, however make sure a certified mold remediation specialist is the one doing the remediation.

Why Your Choice Matters

Think of a weed in a garden.  Unless you pull the weed out by its roots that weed will keep coming back over and over again.  Even though you don’t see the weed, it is still there, hiding underground till it sprouts up again.  This is the same thing with mold.  Unless you get proper remediation and know how to fix the problem mold will keep coming back over and over putting your family at risk and releasing those spores in the air.

When a job is not done right, those spores will release into your home’s atmosphere.  They will get trapped into the HVAC system, and can land and grow in other places.  So now instead of having mold around your shower base, you have mold growing in your attic, kitchen, and basement as well. When you hire a professional mold remediation service that has experience with mold remediation and mold problems, you can ensure that the problem will be taken care of and that you can once again have peace of mind that you can breathe safely again.  

Mold Prevention Tips

AYR Restoration cares about your home and family.  We are the best and most qualified mold remediation experts in the Chicagoland area.  Even though we perform mold remediation to the highest standards and practices we want to help and make sure that your home doesn’t come down with mold in the first place.  Here are a few tips that can help your home stay mold free in the future:

Keep your house humidity free:  Run the air conditioner instead of opening the windows, and get a dehumidifier for the house.

Fix Problems When They Happen:  If your roof is leaking don’t let water sit stagnant and keep building up there over time.  You can save on mold remediation by just fixing the roof in the first place.

Please Don’t Use Bleach:  A lot of DIY websites will tell you that bleach kills mold; this is true.  However, the fumes from the bleach and the fact you haven’t gotten rid of the mold make it one of the worst choices to use.  
Find the Water Source:  Mold will keep growing unless you find the water source that is causing the growth.

Don’t Freak Out Or Ignore:  Finally, don’t freak out and ignore the problem when it comes to mold.  It is always better to fix the problem sooner rather than later and don’t ignore it!

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