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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


What Should I Use

Carpet and upholstery stains are inescapable.  No matter how hard we try, we have all spilt something on a carpet, couch, or chair.  Pet owners, parents, and multi property owners are all to familiar with looking down on a stain in the carpet or on upholstery. However, before you reach for the paper towel and water to clean up that new stain, there might be a better solution! Here are a list of things you should consider before just trying water on that new stain on your carpet or upholstery.


Carpet Stain Removal Tips

First off it is important to remember to not rub deep to get the stain out.  This will only cause it to set into the carpet fibers more and ground the stain into the base of the carpet. When you are a removing a stain from the carpet or from upholstery just pour the cleaning solution onto a rag or cloth and blot at the stain picking up in an upward motion.  This will prevent the stain from going deep into the carpet which then can be removed by a more powerful carpet cleaning service in your area.  

Also, remember TO TEST these solutions and any chemical solutions on a small out of the way portion of your carpet so that it doesn’t result in further damaging your carpet and upholstery.


Best Solutions for Your Stain

Just like there are different ways to pretreat clothes before you run them through the washing machine and dryer, the same principle applies to carpet cleaning as well.  Dependant on the stain you have the best cleaning solution could be different.  These can be separated into the different kinds of chemical makeups of the stain.  


Water – Soluble Stains

When it comes to water soluble stains, instead of reaching for that chemical product off the shelf that can further damage the carpet you can try a mixture of a quarter of teaspoon of non bleach detergent, this could also be replaced with white vinegar.  Now mix in 32 ounces of water.  This will break of the bonds that hold the stains together into the carpet fibers.  This mixture should apply to any of the following stains; Alcohol, any type of berries, soda, pet excrement, food dye coloring, gravy, ice cream, jelly, milk, and latex paint.  When cleaning up any of these things if you try and treat the stain as early as possible then it will be easier for a professional carpet cleaning service to come in clean your carpet to remove the stain.


Hard Water Soluble Problems

Water Soluble stains are indeed some of the easiest stains to remove.  However, there are several things that can get on your carpet that are water soluble but are harder to treat. When you have a problem that requires something a little stronger mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia and 1 cup of water. Now if this doesn’t work then try mixing one part chlorine bleach with 5 parts water. WARNING! If you have a wool based carpet then this will not work.  ALSO, use bleach only on solution-dyed carpets.  If you are not sure if your carpet was solution dyed then don’t do it!  It will ruin the carpet further!  Call a local carpet cleaning service and make sure the stain is removed correctly and it will not damage your carpet)

This solution applies to stains like: blood, chocolate, coffee, tea, wine, mustard, and vomit.


Special Stains

Sometimes there are stains we just don’t see coming.  These require special methods in order to get rid of the problems.  Here are some things you can use in order to remove some of the harder stains that can occur in your home.


Fat Products, Oil Products and Wax

When you have a spill of fat, oil, or wax then you should place a paper towel over the area and use an iron on top of it.  Heat from the iron will cause the stain to soak up into the paper towel.



Parents of kids know that glue can get on the carpet, and it seems impossible to remove.  This can be accomplished by taking a cotton ball and putting rubbing alcohol then pressing that into the glue stain.  When some of the glue is gone then you can gently wipe it off the carpet with a regular rag.


Nail Polish

This one is easy because you can actually use regular nail polish remover.


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

In the end, it is recommended to clean your carpet every year with a professional carpet cleaning service.  This will extend the life of your carpet as much as possible and will help with getting those stains out on a yearly basis.  If you are looking for a great carpet and upholstery cleaning service in your local area, AYR Restoration has specialized in cleaning carpets for homes and businesses for the past 20 years! We have the equipment necessary to ensure your home or business will stay beautiful and be safe for your family for many years to come!

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