Home Restoration Glenview

Home Restoration Glenview Home restoration is something that people only want to do when they are buying an older home to fix up. Restoration also is needed after fire, flood, and damages from mold or wildlife or that teen driver that decided to turn your living room into a garage. When it comes putting things

Identifying and Cleaning Mold

House Mold  Many people can identify mold in their home. The circles of different colors, the fuzzy look, and the smell are what people identify, but not a lot of people know what the types of mold that they can find are. Some of them might not even be considered mold by homeowners, but discoloration

Water Damage Checklist

Water Damage Restoration Glenview When you own a home, one of the most expensive costs can be water damage that can occur to your home. Water damage can range from a small, slow trickle, to a huge catastrophic amount of water at one time.  In Glenview, water damage is especially a problem due to the amount