Professional fire and smoke restoration is an extremely complex task, in part due to the toxic gases that are released from the burning of the construction materials, such as solvents and glues.  These gases are very dangerous and can result whenever a structure experiences fire damage.  You should avoid breathing in these vapors and only allow a certified fire restoration company perform a damage assessment.  AYR Restoration professional and water restoration services can detect and neutralize these chemicals and remove hazardous odors from the air.

Our Fire Restoration Services will help you remove soot from the property itself.  As part of the restoration process, we also handle the delicate tasks of removing ash from all your electronic, appliances, books, artwork, and important documents.  Our fire and water restoration services can help you determine what items can be safely restored and what needs to be replaced.  AYR Restoration understands how difficult the loss of personal property can be and takes the utmost care to restore items back to their original condition.


Clean-Up will be necessary; with soot and ash removal from furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, and the careful job of removing ash and soot from delicate property like art pieces, books, and paperwork. Quick response by our technicians is necessary to make sure damage does not worsen with time, especially water damage from fire hoses.  This damage can turn into mold and bacteria, which not only  render the property useless, but can also be a real health hazard.

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